Khoali Says: "You cannot solve problems using the same level of consciousness that created the problem" 

Khoali does motivational and inspirational talks at the following:

  • Corporates
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Retail shops
  • Workshops
  • Seminars

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ETQA Services - We are accredited by the ETDP Seta to offer you the best Training interventions in the market

Over our existence we have and are still committed to bringing you the best service ever. We are also working tirelessly to research and develop new products that will suit your environment.
Included in our range are the following products and services:

  • Training workshops
  • Assessment services
  • ETQA-related services
  • Inspirational speakers on a variety of human development related topics
  • Personal coaching
  • Policy development i.e. HIV/AIDS, Training,

Motivational Speaking

There are many perspectives on the definition of mentoring, especially since the relatively recent popularity of personal and professional coaching. Traditionally, mentoring might have been described as the activities conducted by a person (the mentor) for another person (the mentee) in order to help that other person to do a job more effectively and/or to progress in their career. The mentor was probably someone who had “been there, done that” before. A mentor might use a variety of approaches, eg, coaching, training, discussion, counseling, etc. Today, there seems to be much ongoing discussion and debate about the definitions and differences regarding coaching and mentoring.

Supporting your business

  • Registration of Companies
  • Company Profile
  • Development of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Marketing & Sales Plans
  • Business Mentorship & Coaching
  • Leads to Access to Finance
  • SMME Training and Development